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About us

Argos Messtechnik GmbH was founded in 1997 by Alexander Korn and is your customer-oriented service provider in the field of analytical measurement technology. Our strength is the development and production of high-tech assemblies and their firmware.


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Our Expertise

Laser-Based Gas Measurement

Gas analysis using optical absorption spectroscopy has been one of Argos Messtechnik’s core competencies for over 10 years.

Optical Design

The basic optical concept is verified by ray tracing simulations, enabling us to realize an interference-free optical setup.

Electronic Development

Sensor systems, control systems for lasers and detectors in the UV to MIR range through to complex data and processor systems are developed here.


Our software for the measuring devices is developed in-house, regardless of whether it is executed directly on the controller or in conjunction with an operating system.

Our Projects



Filter Photometer

Drone-Assisted Methane Analysis

Deep Sea Methane Detector

Isotope Selective CO2 Measuring